Hello – here is a bit of information about me

With Peter Vaughn

Most recently I designed TV shows for ITV, Netflix, Acorn, SkyTV, Channel Four, and the BBC.

Most of the shows I recently designed have been contemporary. But I also enjoy being part of period/fantasy productions (for example The Amazing Mr. Blunden/Sky TV with Simon Callow and Tamsin Grigg in the title roles and directed by Mark Gatiss). These enable me to use my wig-making skills and my ever-increasing wig/facial hair stock.

Initially, I started my make-up career in musical theatre (Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables, 42nd Street, Westside Story, The Rocky Horror) where I learned many of my wig-making skills. They became very useful when I later designed commercials, docu-dramas, feature films, and entertainment TV shows such as Eurotrash and Freak Out, both for Channel Four.

Whilst designing independent films and TV dramas, I also dabbled in the fashion industry (as a makeup artist on fashion shows for Vivienne Westwood, Gucci, Paul Castello) and editorials. Here are a few examples of my portfolio.

Whilst carrying on with design projects, I have recently started occasionally guest lecturing for Creative Media Skills (Pinewood Studios) and Delamar Makeup Academy. It is wonderful to teach new talent and watch them grow into fellow make-up artists.

For work enquiries and questions please contact my agent jane@miltonagency.com or for anything else info@juttarussell.com

“Docu-dramas have given me an insight into how to work very creatively with small budgets, to be a team player, and to cope well with ever-changing, last-minute filming situations. I believe these skills are very transferrable to big-budget dramas”.